Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Day in the Life

... of Meg Cabot.

Typical of a full-time writing life? Those of us with 9-5 jobs need to know.

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Laura said...

Well, I applaud anyone who can write a novel (or five, or six) AND get it published, so if I sound overly critical please forgive me. I have not read any of Meg Cabot's books and on this evidence I never, ever, will. The voice alone made me want to vomit and I hope that her books are a darn sight more interesting than her daily life. Surely any idiot can work out that a writer's daily life, grind, isn't that exciting... a laptop, typing, thinking, the odd jaunt to a library for research... durghhh. This is a publicity stunt for the latest novel, the title of which I have already clean forgotten. Contains the word 'princess' and the cover is pink, I think. Oh, yeuk!